FBK Home Warranty - Does not honor its warranty

Lady Lake, Florida 1 comment

last august i purchased atotal home warranty plan from fbk.i chose it because they claimed no deductibles or up front costs.

in nov i had a problem with a leaky pipe, i called and was told to keep from increasing rates they had dropped plumbing and electrical coverage. in feb i called with a defective switch on my range, i was informed i would have to pay the repairman up front because they werent willing to wait 30 days for their money.

i was told i would get my money within 30 days.i paid $112 and as of may 7th i still have not been reimbursed.



You need to cancel this insurance.Extended warranties and home protection insurances are almost always not worth the cost.

As you found out, they are replete with conditions and outright scams.Get out of it ASAP.

FBK Home Warranty scam!

Alpharetta, Georgia 0 comments

I've been waiting 3 months for a $175 reimbursement. Dana continues to say they sent check, checking on check with bank, check cashed, etc. none of this is helpful. I had a broken microwave which took over a week to find a local provider. he arrived, took 3 days to repair, and then i was told to write him a check and they would reimburse me.

I strongly suggest if you have a service tech do a repair, DO NOT write them a check. you will not be reimbursed. luckily i only had this service for 6 months, so i learned fairly early.

]This has been a terrible experience, anyone interested in a class action suit!

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